Are you moving to Brazil? Have you just arrived in São Paulo? If that is the case, it is no surprise that you have asked yourself this question over and over again.

Let’s begin exploring and discovering the city’s many wonders.

São Paulo is the financial leader of Brazil and, in a way, of South America. It is by far the largest city in the country:

  • Responsible for 50% of the country’s financial transactions and more than 12% of its GDP;

  • It is the 10th richest city in the world;

  • Considered a “global city” because of its effect on global affairs.

São Paulo is also an industrial powerhouse and one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in the world offering cultural and social experiences like no other city in the country. It is also known for:

  • Being a true melting pot—Portuguese, African, Arab, Italian, Japanese and Jewish cultures amongst many others coexist and integrate here;

  • Its unreliable weather—you can have all 4 seasons in one single day;

  • The size of its helicopter fleet—second only to NYC;

  • Its chaotic traffic;

  • The variety of its gastronomical offerings—expanding from the typical corner “boteco” or “lanchonete” serving simple Brazilian fare to some of the most acclaimed restaurants and chefs in the world, i.e. Alex Atala’s, D.O.M., Helena Rizzo’s Mani, and many others who serve magnificent creations inspired in cuisines from all over the globe;

  • Its architectural richness and variety—from colonial (Pateo do Colegio) to avant-guard contemporary (Edificio Tomie Ohtake) and everything else in between;

  • The amount of international events it hosts, more that 200 per day ranging from sports and arts to fashion, music and many others;

  • The endless number of hidden oases in the midst of its concrete jungle distributed in more than 60 parks and plazas that add up to 14 m2 of green area per person in the city, way above what is recommended. And much, much more!

So a city of this magnitude can certainly be overwhelming. Makes you wonder, “Where would I like to live? What area would be best for my family and me? How can I fit in?” We hope to help you figure out these questions and discover the most important neighborhoods of this cozy metropolis that is “Sampa”.

Paola Bianchi de Estrada


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Paola is an experienced expat and real estate agent (six years) specialized in attending to all housing needs for foreign new comers to São Paulo: from fully furnished serviced apartments during your first arrival to house hunting services and legal advice for rental and sale contracts.

Paola has joined the team at IntheKnow and is responsible for (itk) check in_sp where she will capitalize on her extensive experience. Her knowledge of the city, its neighborhoods and the needs of newly arrived families has been essential to develop these products and guarantee a personalized service to our clients.

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